Imagine your job is to make sure that the people who work in your organisation are productive and content.

Perhaps your first step would be to make sure you have understood all of the different types of people that work in your organisation. Chances are, you have a pretty diverse workforce, with team members of varying ages, backgrounds and personality types. They have a variety of preferred working styles, ranging from road warriors and remote workers to those who work in office buildings at desks or are stood up and moving about. Mix into this their widely different personality types and you have yourself a great recipe for complexity.

So you’ve got a complex workforce regardless of company size but you want to build and/or foster a great working environment no matter where or how people work. Now let’s suppose that you read the recent Sydney Morning Herald piece Workplace culture a deal breaker for many employees where the SMH quotes a study carried out by recruitment company Robert Walters of nearly 1,000 hiring managers and 1,800 professionals across Australia and New Zealand. The study found that while 29% of employees ranked salary as more important, 71% ranked workplace culture as the more important, and more likely ‘deal-breaker’.

You’d be smart to build a strategy to pay a fair wage, while fostering your culture and hiring the right people to fit into that culture.

How do you bring it together?

We believe that to help your teams embrace and grow your culture you must enable them to collaborate and engage with each other, with your brand and with your values.

Our approach is multi-faceted, user focused, and intent on maximising existing investments in the Microsoft solutions that organisations pay for but don’t necessarity gett the biggest bang for their buck from. rhipe Solutions turn Microsoft products like Office 365, Yammer, Azure and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) into the backbone of companies’ cultures. From portals that are engaging while architectured to protect sensitive content and foster a culture of collaboration to engagement solutions tied into those portals, we believe that bringing organisations together and allowing them to collaborate is the key to a culture that nurtures employees, entices the best and the brightest new recruits and drives productivity. In other words shapes your teams’ day so they can excel and succeed.


By Boughty Canton, Engagement Manager, rhipe Solutions