Every year Microsoft sponsors all kinds of research that it can use to improve and position its offerings, more importantly they also make most of this research available to the public either directly or through its partners.  One of the reasons that the Microsoft Cloud & Hosting Summit is so powerful is that Microsoft and 451 Research launch the findings of their annual study of Cloud customers (surveying close to 2,000 customers from across the world).

Since the study is an annual project it yields fantastic insights into both trends as well as current opportunities.  One of the interesting questions that the study reviews annually is allotting importance to five different organisational goals.

digital transformation

As you can see, while increasing revenue, delivering quality and lowering costs are always important, the trend is definitely towards making sure that business is removing the risk and staying current in the market.

digital revolution

The research also highlights that digital transformation looks different for every organisation, but I was particularly interested in the % of digital infrastructure that organisations will have in two years, with the minimum being 55%. Also interesting was that even for the organisations staying the course, the % of their infrastructure changing is 7.1% and the highest of all the groups.

For me, this highlights the need for organisations of every type to find the right kinds of trusted advisors and service providers that they will need to embrace this change, perhaps more so for those staying course than any other.

When it comes to how much Cloud and how Cloud budgets will be allocated the results were also very interesting.

apps and hosting

So just in case we weren’t quite sure, this Cloud thing really does sound like it’s going to be big. Simply embracing the Cloud, however, is only half the battle. Digital transformation makes life much better for users of technology, but companies still need trusted partners that they will work with to ensure that ease of use as well as to enable business continuity, security and compliance.

And because a review of the Cloud and digital transformation wouldn’t be complete without a market sizing study, here’s 451’s version which follows multiple types of services including IaaS and PaaS, but also Managed, Shared & Dedicated Hosting which highlight the opportunity for organisations to work with their trusted providers to build exactly the Cloud they need.

cloud market

Here’s a link to a press release about the annual study with a link to the study towards the bottom.


By, Boughty Canton, VP Products & Services, rhipe Solutions