How’s this for the understatement of the year? Enterprise IT is complex.

There are many reasons for this complexity, ranging from being asked to more with less, or a heightened need to focus on security and compliance, to building a cloud strategy/ implementation that works for your enterprise’s needs.

In our work with organisations all over the world we have had success solving complex challenges by sticking to some core principles. This month we dig into two core principles: Simplicity, and Applying Expert Knowledge.

rhipe Solutions in the US recently started working with a large pharmaceutical company that like many large enterprises leverages multiple solution providers to help build or deliver its IT services. This pharmaceutical company, that I will refer to as Pharma1, is looking to do more with both less budget, and less people – while implementing a new IT environment that will lay the foundation for future success. Before we began working with Pharma1 there were several other solution providers engaged in everything from migration for legacy IT solutions to new cloud-driven ones to building more effective collaboration solutions for its teams.

Pharma1 was mired in a situation with lots of moving pieces where a lack of common purpose was stagnating their efforts. rhipe Solutions started working with Pharma1 as part of a reboot of their collaboration strategy.


We believe that a central part of building our customer relationships must focus on, and deliver simplicity. For example, with multiple solution providers working with Pharma1, our first step had to be to make it simple for any solution we built to co-exist within the environment. To accomplish this, we focused on discovering the unique needs of Pharma1, which in turn allowed us to build a framework for collaboration that is all inclusive, rather than siloed. Our efforts also helped bring clarity to parts of the overall IT environment that we weren’t directly building or working on.

Applying Expert Knowledge

Simplicity has a major dependency; expertise. rhipe Solutions believe that bringing our experts in early – and often – is the key to simplicity and success. Instead of focusing on a selling motion, we focus on a discovery motion introducing our best and brightest at the very beginning. For customers like Pharma1 this means that we can identify areas where we can deliver on what they expect and can also identify areas for improvement, even beyond the project scope.

In practice this means we believe in solving or planning for the hardest challenges first. Other service providers avoid this practice since its easier to sign a contract or managed service agreement first and then figure out the challenges second, but our goal is always to be a trusted advisor, not a one-time advisor.

Enterprise IT is complex, we want to help our customers leverage our expertise and make it as seamless as possible.


By Damien Robinson, General Manager (US), rhipe Solutions