Get a 30,000 Foot View of Every Inch of Every Workflow

Workflow Analytics
Nintex Hawkeye is a workflow analytics solution that gives you an unprecedented view into your process portfolio across the entire Nintex workflow platform. Nintex Hawkeye helps you understand the size and scale of your workflows, make informed decisions regarding deployment and migration of workflows, analyse data, and derive insights to better understand which processes should be automated.
Build a Process Intelligence Competency
Save more money, engage your people, and create better interaction with between stakeholders. With Nintex Hawkeye, you will increase your level of process expertise. Enhance the value of your workflow with analytics to get an unprecedented view into your process portfolio.
Improve the Way You Work
Nintex Hawkeye dashboards provide a complete view of the process data in one place, from any device. Drill down into workflow data and filter by process types, users, roles, departments, and more to get answers to your most important questions. Discover which workflows exist, see who’s doing the work, and view how long it takes to complete the work. You can monitor and analyse
processes on a real-time basis.
​Drive Business Agility 
Get an unprecedented view into your processes so that you can monitor how well your business is optimised and determine new projects that will drive increased ROI. Determine the processes that are returning business benefit and replicate them across other departments.
  • Get the most from their process investments
  • Determine and replicate the processes that return business benefit
  • Maximising your process investment ROI
Process Advisory
rhipe can help you to identify which processes should stay on premise, which should migrate to the cloud and which legacy processes are ripe for improvement.
Additionally, you can leverage your existing Nintex process portfolio analysis to determine the best Hybrid scenarios.
  • Shift focus from SharePoint projects to create a strategy for continuous process improvement
  • Target legacy processes ripe for improvement
  • Make recommendations based on process performance statistics
Watch the video and discover how workflow analytics can lead to business success.
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