StaffHub is Microsoft’s new roster scheduling application for today’s desk-less workers. It provides a seamless process to create and manage shift schedules with all relevant information for today’s businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. Now your staff can access their work rosters and related employee content anywhere and anytime from an application supporting iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to get StaffHub on your device

With the public preview currently underway, any Office 365 customers holding a K1, E1, E3 or E5 licence should head over to the StaffHub website  and request a promo code. From there you can download the Android or iOS applications. Each user of the Microsoft StaffHub application must have an active Office 365 account to sign in via the web browser or application and start using everything StaffHub has to offer.  

Getting started

Microsoft StaffHub is a cloud based application working across all Android and iOS devices enabling content sharing between business’ and their employees. StaffHub empowers employers with the ability to manage staff rostering, and at the same time enables employees with the ease of tracking upcoming shifts all through mobile access while they are on the go.

Benefits for managers

While the primary functionality of StaffHub is largely based around the calendar, the content library allows documents to be uploaded to the application. For example managers can share employee handbooks, policies and procedures – ensuring that important company information can be disseminated to casual/ “kiosk workers”.

Take someone like Tracey Millard, Sales Director for a National Clothing Retailer, for example:

Tracey’s team of staff are mostly casual. They work across multiple outlets and very few of them have reliable access to computers. Consequently, the company finds it difficult to keep them informed about sales performance, markdowns, and vital product knowledge. Plus regular feedback about their personal and store wide progress compared with staff in other stores.

Using StaffHub, Tracey can now manage her teams’ rosters from head office and roll out critical information via their mobile phones, making missed shifts and miss-communication a thing of the past!

The inbuilt instant messaging functionality if StaffHub ensures fast communication between team members. For Tracey, this means she can instantly share sales targets or sales promotions to her staff on the shop floor – ensuring they always have real-time sales performance to hand.

Find out more about how Tracey leverages Office 365 to shape her teams’ day. 

Benefits for employees

With full mobile access to rosters and shift information, the process of seeking shift swaps with coworkers couldn’t be simpler.

The intuitive UI makes navigating through StaffHub and its features feel natural. When the initial swap request is sent, users can track the progression of the request right through from line manager response, to the schedule update if the swap has been accepted.

Kiosk workers like Tracey’s retail staff don’t always have access to email during the day, so the IM platform gives them the ability to follow-up on swaps directly. A quick message such as “Hey do you mind if we swap shifts…” or “What time are you taking lunch?” enables instant interaction between employees and managers.


For desk-less workers all around the world, access to essential company content can be difficult when away from a computer. The challenge for employers is ensuring their employees have the most current and up to date policies, procedures, training material and shift rosters. Microsoft recognised this gap and effectively filled the void with the innovative and accessible StaffHub application. Having the functionality of StaffHub conveniently at your fingertips truly demonstrates how the world is moving towards advanced mobile technology, and that Microsoft is right at the forefront bringing it directly to us. StaffHub is available for public preview via for existing Microsoft Office 365 customers.


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By Jason Alessi, Consultant, rhipe Solutions