Improve collaboration, communication and project governance with rhipe Project Sites.

Managing multiple projects is a challenge that regardless of industry, all managers will face at one point in time. Ensuring that each project is monitored and controlled and that all stakeholders are kept up to date while remaining entirely engaged during the project lifecycle becomes exponentially more pressing as the quantity of projects grows.

Ensuring that the latest versions of project plans, team documents, risk and issue registers etc. remain up to date, accessible and stored centrally can be an administrative nightmare as Project Managers become stretched across multiple projects.

Immediately upon joining rhipe in 2015, I was introduced to ‘rhipe Project Sites’. Leveraging Office365 and SharePoint Online, rhipe Project Sites allows for all project documentation, schedules and even Yammer conversations to be collated and presented per project. Essentially, it becomes the core communication and collaboration hub for each project.

As the Northern Region Project Manager I am responsible for project delivery across NSW, ACT and QLD and subsequently manage multiple consultants, clients and projects at a time. Ultimately I require a platform that can collate all of the various schedules, plans, documents, and communication artifacts that I need to access. rhipe Project Sites essentially solves that issue and allows each site to be shared with internal and external project team stakeholders.


The key benefits of rhipe Project Sites:

  • Collaboration with internal and external teams
  • Progress transparency including Risk, Issue and Schedule management
  • Communications via built-in Yammer application
  • Document management and approvals workflow
  • Portfolio health dashboards
  • Ability to create custom reports/ add-ons leveraging the data available

So how does this tool help you to manage projects more effectively? Essentially the answer lies in the significant efficiencies derived from using rhipe Project Sites. The ability to have multiple project teams leveraging the mobility suite in Office365 and SharePoint Online combined with the structured and secure collation of project content significantly reduces the time consuming process of maintaining network drives, trying to ascertain the latest versions of documents and trawling through mountains of emails to find important messages.

As well as using project sites extensively for all projects here at rhipe, we also implement tailored Project Sites for clients looking to improve their own project management practice by leverage their existing Office365 and SharePoint Online investments.


Tim Millard, Project Manager, rhipe Solutions


Project Sites 1

Figure 1: Example portfolio dashboard

Project Sites 2

Figure 2: A Example Project Site

Project Sites 3

Figure 3: Project Sites Home Page