Coming up with a company mission might seem like an easy task, but at least in my experience the process is both much more complex and emotional than expected as well as highly rewarding once you find that perfect set of words that speaks to all the stakeholders in the process.

With that in mind here is Microsoft’s Mission Statement: “Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.”

One can certainly hope they succeed, but how, you might ask, are they planning to operationalise this mission?

For this, Microsoft has essentially created two sets of driving motions with one focusing specifically on Digital Transformation (which has been the theme at both the Microsoft Cloud & Hosting Summit as well as at Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) this year) and the other on the core focuses for the Microsoft products and services.

The product and service motion will break into the following areas of emphasis:

  • Reinvent productivity and business processes
  • Build the intelligent cloud platform
  • Create more personal computing

Enabling Digital Transformation will have the following areas of emphasis:

  • Engage customers
  • Empower employees
  • Optimise operations
  • Transform products and services

Now for the really great part, Microsoft and really all large software vendors have succeeded by having a great partner channel that helps make sure that customers get the best experience for their need. In the Mobile-first, Cloud-first world, the partner channel becomes even more important as customers look for trusted advisors who are more Managed Service Provider rather than System Integrator or Value Added Reseller.

In fact, Jusdon Althoff Microsoft’s EVP of the Commercial Business, called out partners for the great work that the partner community does to turn Microsoft products into solutions.

So here’s my take on a few things we can take away from WPC:

  • By working in the Microsoft channel we are all a key piece of the Microsoft Mission with a heavy emphasis on the empowering part
  • We all need to understand the intricacies of these Microsoft motions to best align ourselves with their teams in our markets, which will lead to a more efficient sales motion for us
    • If you don’t have direct connections with Microsoft please engage us and we’ll help you with the alignment
  • We all need to embrace Digital Transformation to the cores of our own organisations for both the internal benefits as well as for the benefits of our engagements with our customers

So, although we’ve all come up with our own company missions, we are now intricately linked to Microsoft’s than ever before.

By, Boughty Canton, VP Products & Services, rhipe Solutions