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Is there any topic more important to business today than digital transformation?  We keep hearing about companies like General Electric that are completely revitalizing their businesses by focusing on their own digital transformation or businesses like AirBnB and Uber that are built to ride the digital wave.  But is this really relevant to every business?

Here’s one reason that digital transformation should matter to every business and organization on earth, equal opportunity.  For too long economies of physical scale tilted the world in favor of large enterprise or enterprises supported by deep pools of investment capital.  Now a startup which hasn’t built, bought or leased a single physical building can offer lodging on a global scale exceeding the largest hotel brands.

So now let’s take a look at this through the lens of the service provider/Cloud community starting with an interesting stat paraphrasing Pat Gelsinger at VMworld the first week of September; 2016 witnessed the inflexion point for datacenters that are owned and operated by enterprises to service provider datacenters.  He went on to suggest that by 2030 VMware expects the Public Cloud to represent 50% of all IT.

So on one hand digital transformation is creating huge opportunities for businesses of all sizes and on the other we are witnessing a tectonic shift in how IT is delivered.  Coupled to the general business opportunity is the opportunity for IT service providers to build the foundation for the future of business.  From the datacenter play to those that integrate Cloud services to those that play an outsourced IT role, there has never been a better time to be a provider of IT services.

So what will be the secret sauce?  Trust.  There is no way to sugar coat this.  Success for IT service providers will be directly correlated to the Trust they build with their customers.  While that might have been defined by personal trust previously, in this new world Trust will be defined by delivering on promises and SLAs coupled to transparency and a new sales model that embraces the fact that customers and prospects are more informed than ever.

Author: Boughty Canton

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