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I have the great pleasure to attend several conferences a year hosted by rhipe’s vendor partners.  This year, the key theme almost universally has been digital transformation, and in particular digital transformation as seen through the lens of software companies positioning themselves to empower companies to embrace a digital transformations.

VMworld 2016 was all about digital transformation and it ties in well with VMware’s mission which is to provide the software that enables companies to deliver and consume the applications and services that empower the enterprise.


The word “enterprise” is of particular import because it has informed VMware’s strategy over the years and often led to products and solutions from VMware that were targeted first at large enterprise and second at the service provider community and SMBs.  But as Pat Gelsinger highlighted in his keynote, 2016 is the year the service provider datacenters took a larger share of the market than enterprise datacenters.  What is more, if VMware’s research is correct by 2030 public cloud will account for 50% of all IT.

Suffice it to say I was excited to see the vCAN community take pride of place during the Keynotes.  I’m also excited to see the direction that VMware is headed in terms of technologies that will enable the rhipe community to both build more profitable offers as well as delight end customers.

During the first day’s keynote we were introduced to VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation, which promise to allow enterprises to leverage public and hosted dedicated Clouds as simple additions to the corporate datacenter.  So what VMware did for virtualization of compute they intend to do for storage and networking as well while coupling management tools to bring it all together and extend it into the vCAN community.

Clearly this has huge implications for the service provider community since all of the enterprises that VMware supports on prem will have tools that enable them to extend their datacenters into service provider environments in any way that works for the enterprise.


I’d like to pause to let that settle in and hopefully allow you to see the dollar signs.  While the largest public clouds will be fantastic for some use cases, most enterprises will need some level of private cloud or dedicated cloud that the service provider community is perfectly positioned to deliver.  But what about those large public clouds, most of them now allow you to administer that on behalf of your customers as well.  Hopefully the dollar signs are neon in your visions.

Coupled to this announcement, VMware and IBM Softlayer announced a strategic relationship that essentially shows VMware’s commitment to focusing on the technology while leaving the Clouds to the service provider community.

The other highlight of the conference for me was the renewed focus on end-user computing with the vision being, Any Device, Any Application, Any Cloud.  That sounds pretty good right?  You may remember when VMware acquired Desktone and launched Horizon DaaS, from then onwards it felt a little sluggish to get going in the service provider channel.  Suffice it to say, the addition to the Managed Service Provider (MSP) motion within vCAN of Horizon DaaS represents a great opportunity to ride VMware’s renewed focus on this area without having to invest in the resources to support your own hosted offering.  That said, for those of you looking to host your own Horizon DaaS environments, this renewed focus means that life should get easier for you.


Finally, I would like to call out the MSP motion specifically.  Over the last year we have welcomed hundreds of new partners to the rhipe community, many of whom clearly fall into the category of Cloud Solution Providers who focus on adding value around packaged and hosted offers from the global vendors rather than building their own.

While the Microsoft CSP program is a huge opportunity in this space, many enterprises need additional services that you might find in the VMware vCAN MSP motion.  From Horizon DaaS to Airwatch, the opportunity is huge, if you have any questions please reach out to us here at rhipe to open a dialog exploring the opportunity for you and your customers.

Author: Boughty Canton

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