In Gartner’s 2016 CEO Survey: The Year of Digital Tenacity, they found that half of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognisably transformed by digital and revealed that 84% of CEOs said that they expect digital change to bring higher profit margins.

Let’s take a minute to let that sink in. Yes, your brain is doing the math right, that would mean that digital transformation should be one of the most important topics of conversation in the business world. The challenge with digital transformation however, is that it can mean so many things to every part of an organisation.

We believe in keeping things simple and one of the simplest ways to tackle digital transformation is to find areas where digital can make relatively easy and instantaneous impacts to your business. One of those areas is how companies empower their employees. In another post we reviewed the importance of workplace culture, here we will focus on the importance of building connections with other employees and teams as well as corporate knowledge, brand values and core competencies.

I haven’t seen any surveys but would hazard a guess that one of the most common complaints of information workers and those that need to interact with information systems is how hard it is and how long it then takes to find information.

Our Philosophy

rhipe Solutions believes in turning that complaint on its head and putting the user the center of the information system universe – rather than the system itself.

We start with a portal that gives users one simple point of entry to information that is relevant to them. Then we focus on making sure the portal is visually appealing while remaining focused on delivering user outcomes. Next we layer on the collaboration tools that drive productivity by enabling teams and individuals to collaborate easily, but also in the more complex sense of creating a self-service network where people can support one another as they bump into challenges.

Finally, we focus on maximsing existing investments in Microsoft solutions that you pay for but aren’t fully utilising. We can turn Microsoft products like Office 365, Yammer, Azure and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) into the enabler of company and employee connections.

While we aren’t the first to suggest that digital portal and collaboration tools can better connect and empower employees, we are proud of our heritage as pioneers in the space coupled with our complete focus on simple and engaging user experiences.

Any digital transformation strategy must look closely at how organisations eliminate information silos, unite a mobile workforce and drive workplace culture. We are excited about how portals and collaboration solutions can help your workers build better connections that will capture some of those expected higher margins.


By Boughty Canton, Engagement Manager, rhipe Solutions

T: @boughtycanton