In his first blog for rhipe Solutions, IT Intern Ajlal Khalid shares his early SharePoint consulting experiences.

‘It has been a little over a month since my internship started with rhipe Solutions. At the moment I am just getting used to the consulting environment and socialising with my colleagues. During my first week in the office I attended three requirements gathering sessions with a client alongside my supervisor. These meetings were quite eventful as the client came up with various queries and requests regarding their new intranet. My supervisor responded to the queries in a very professional manner while I was responsible for writing down any key requirements and general note taking during our session. Beyond that, I am familiarising myself with the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 as the majority of my tasks revolve around these platforms. So far I am really enjoying my internship experience as I can actually relate a lot of things that I studied at university to my work.

Recently, we refreshed our internal intranet and I have been tasked with moving some content over from an old location to their current one for our PMO (Project Management Office). There was a large amount of content in the old location, so my first step was to perform an audit of what existed. I compiled an audit spreadsheet which listed each piece of content, along with any associated metadata. I had to conduct interviews with key internal stakeholders and had several meetings to figure out whether the content was required, dated, unimportant or just completely irrelevant. This task came directly under the supervision of the PMO Lead and was as close as it could get to a real life Project Management task. It was truly a great learning experience for me.

I have also been able to assist my colleagues with their ongoing projects by creating sites in SharePoint, proof reading documentation and editing training manuals. I even had the opportunity to deploy a pilot of rhipe Solutions new PortalGo! product. My internship has definitely given me the opportunity to work with competent professionals, greatly increasing my knowledge of the field. My experience so far has been both enriching, fun and beyond my expectations coming out of university (of course not forgetting the occasional lunch, drinks and jokes we all share).

This internship is my first step out of many that I will take during my career to grow as an IT professional. I would like to be a Project Manager one day and have the opportunity to deliver many successful and exciting projects. I will definitely remember my time at rhipe Solutions fondly when I get there.’