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Our consultants can assist in migrating your on-premises or private cloud workloads to Azure and Office 365 in the most cost effective manner.

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According to Forbes, “businesses of all sizes-large and small- will be using some form of data analytics to impact their business in the next five years”.

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Meet Hector

Hector Rusly, People & Culture Advisor, Global Healthcare Organisation

Hector is striving to retain and engage staff. With health centres all over the world, he manages different time zones and multiple languages. Hector is also concerned to stem the brain drain to their competitors. While there are new opportunities coming up all the time within the company, often people do not have the skills and competencies required to apply for the job. And, with such a vast number of employees over so many sites globally, it is difficult manage the flow of professional information and opportunities and to promote professional development. Plus, a significant percentage of staff are located in small centres in remote locations and they feel isolated and out of touch. In these places, attrition tends to be high.

Hector is a leader in the company because he is inspiring a learning culture with interactive, online learning modules disseminated via Yammer. Engagement and retention is up. And costs of recruitment are dropping. Yammer has been customised so that staff can build their skills and competencies through online learning modules combined with self-assessment. Individual achievements are recognised by the company and recorded on their HR profile, poising people for the reward of internal career progression. All jobs are advertised on Yammer. Vital professional info is being shared and chat is on the rise too. People are increasingly motivated to contribute, because the rewards are there, and the bosses are leading by example and engaging too. Now the company is being recognised as a valuable place to work. Everyone is being given the opportunity to build their career.

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Areas of Specialty

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Agile, responsive and mobile tools to enable the modern workforce.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Assess your organisations cloud readiness and implement migration strategies for your move to the open and flexible cloud computing platform from Microsoft.

  • Mobility Solutions/ Applications

    The cornerstone of the digital landscape, create opportunities to deliver a superior user experience across multiple channels.

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