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    At rhipe Solutions we understand and recognise the problems facing modern IT departments.

    Providing secure file sharing and centralised storage, migrating to cloud, designing and implementing functional and user friendly intranet systems, improving communication and driving technology adoption are just some of the business drivers we see every day from our clients.

    We combine our SharePoint and Office 365 expertise with unparalleled industry knowledge and project acumen to ensure your solution is well-adopted and delivers tangible business outcomes.


    • With a focus on the user for the duration of every project, we can assist you to position your new solution with employees, involving your users from the start ensuring they are ready to adopt the new solutions as they are rolled out. Increase engagement with a fully branded intranet that represents your organisation and culture incorporating the business documentation and applications that your users need to access.

    • We understand that social collaboration is a useful and effective tool in improving business communication and employee engagement and have the knowledge and expertise show you how to best integrate social computing with your current business applications to make it a truly cohesive and community driven solution.

    • Our solutions incorporate the latest office collaboration applications including Skype for Business and Yammer, but our adoption programmes, driven by experienced practice managers, ensure full understanding and adoption by users.

      Our Yammer Adoption Programme (YAP) is a six week-program which helps businesses to establish a sustainable adoption model for Yammer. Whether you are looking to improve collaboration, engage employees, bring about a more agile and dynamic way of working or a combination of all, YAP has been carefully designed to accelerate the change management process in your organisation – an essential component in getting your people to understand and buy-in to the value of Yammer.

      Download more information about YAP

    • Starting with our cloud readiness assessment, through to Microsoft Azure solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to successfully accelerate your organisations transition to the cloud.

    • We can design powerful web enabled electronic forms and automated workflows that will allow your organisation to standardise and simplify your business processes with user-friendly workflows that increase productivity.

      Automated processes and electronic forms help reduce the risk of organisational “memory loss” and assist in the coordination of group efforts on complex tasks such as tenders and proposals. In addition the issue tracking and resolution functionalities can be powerful assets in helping you to improve service delivery to your clients and business partners.

      Common examples of workflows include:

      • Approvals
      • Coordinating complex group tasks
      • Issue tracking and resolution

      These are some of the features of our Business Process Improvement Capability:
      1. Identification and prioritisation of key processes that are costing your business significant resource
      2. Design of improved processes and how this can be transitioned into your environment
      3. Development of web forms and workflows to represent your business logic and interact with key users within a process flow
      4. Training of users to adopt the new processes and education on how to continually improved internal processes

    • The Intranet is now a productivity platform, give users access to company documents, policies, processes and systems from their desktop, or remote working location.

    • Remove the barrier of location and provide all users with access to the latest documents and files.

    See how we can help your company to simplify business processes, improve collaboration and drive user adoption

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